Permanent Orders Hearing

The Permanent Orders hearing is your final hearing in your divorce or dissolution of civil union case. The Decree dissolving your marriage or civil union will usually be issued at this hearing. Some counties refer to the Permanent Orders hearing as the “Final Orders” hearing. At this hearing, the court will equitably divide property of the marriage or civil union and decide disputes concerning the allocation of parental responsibilities if there are children.

The Permanent Orders hearing is the most important hearing in your case. If you are participating in this hearing, that means that the you and your spouse or partner could not resolve some or all of the disputed issues in your case. Now, a judge will decide those issues. While the judge will issue orders he or she believes to be just and fair to you, the judge is not responsible for protecting your rights. Accordingly, you should not substitute your faith in a judge’s fairness for the representation a capable attorney can provide for you.

At the Permanent Orders hearing, the court will equitably divide property obtained during the marriage or civil union. First, the court will separate a party’s separate property that was acquired before the marriage or civil union, or is otherwise determined to qualify as separate property by statutory definition. The court may also order an “equalization payment,” requiring one party to pay the other party money if after the assignment of property to the parities, the result is not equitable and the payment is necessary to achieve an equitable result.

Allocation of Parental Responsibilities issues will also be determined at the Permanent Orders hearing. If a Child and Family Investigator or a Parental Responsibilities Evaluator has been appointed, then there investigation and report will be part of the hearing. The court will issue orders concerning decision-making, parenting time, and child support concerning the minor children.

The Permanent Orders issued at the hearing will substantially impact your life long after the date of the hearing. Accordingly, your interests are best served by being represented by competent counsel. At Sauer & Petterson Family law, our Denver divorce attorney team is ready to listen to you concerning the details of your case and represent you at your Permanent Orders hearing. Request a FREE initial consultationnow to speak to one of our attorneys.

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