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Although the areas of divorce, allocation of parental responsibilities, (child support, parenting time and decision making), spousal maintenance, paternity, stepparent adoption and appeals encompass a large portion of our family law practice, there are several other areas in which our Denver team of family law attorneys are well-versed and can be of assistance.


Even after a Court enters a final Order, which concludes your divorce or allocation of parental responsibilities (“APR”) proceeding, issues often arise that must be addressed through “post-decree” proceedings.  These issues may involve enforcement of orders, clarification of orders or modification of orders.

Emergency Orders

Unfortunately, a party may need to seek emergency orders from the Court, which stems from an immediate need to protect the safety and welfare of a party or a minor child.   Our family law attorneys are highly experienced in both obtaining and defending against Temporary and Permanent Protection Orders, and Emergency Restrictions of Parenting Time Orders. Furthermore, these separate actions often have substantial affects on other proceedings, such as divorce and APR cases, so it is essential to speak to an attorney to understand the ramifications of obtaining or foregoing either option.

Grandparent Visitation

In addition, in certain situations, grandparents may have cause to seek their own grandparent visitation orders from a court.

Department of Human Services

There are times when the Colorado Department of Human Services may become involved in your family, whether by means of a Dependency & Neglect case or by a Child Support Enforcement proceeding.  Both of these involve a mixture of agency and court intervention, and it’s important to understand the role played by each.  Moreover, it’s extremely important to choose an attorney who understands these proceedings and the impact they may have on a divorce or APR proceeding.

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