Case Management Order

200334131-001At the time a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage is filed, or shortly thereafter, the court will issue a Case Management Order. The Case Management Order describes various deadlines and requirements that te parties need to fulfill in their case. These deadlines include, but are not limited to, setting and attending the Initial Status Conference, the exchange of mandatory financial diclosures, exchanging exhibits prior to trial and attending a parenting class if there are any children. A party who misunderstands information in the Case Management Order,or ails to comply with the deadlines the court has included in the Case Management Order, may be detrimental to the party’s case.In addition, the Case Management Order is not an exhaustive list of everything that may be required to be completed in a dissolution of marriage case. Other rules, like Colorado Rule of Civil Procedure 16.2(e), also gover dedlnes and requirements in domestic relations cases and may contain requirements that are not described within the Case Management Order. Parties are

expected to comply with all of these rules during the course of the court proceedings.

The Case Management Orders are often used to describe additional, more specific requirements that a particular district court requires that another

district court may not. Accordingly, a party must be sure to review the Case Management Order thoroughly and note all of the requirements and deadlines early in the case, to avoid missing an important obligation down the road that may negatively impact the case.

Case Management Order - Guy throws papers up in airA Denver divorce attorney will prove very helpful to guiding you through the different rules, requirements, and deadlines that can vary significantly from court to court. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the many obligations and requirements that you need to complete in your case, then now is the time to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys. We are here to help and we are highly knowledgeable concerning the various Case Management Orders in the courts in the Denver metro area and along the front range.

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