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Kids aren’t cheap, and providing for your child’s basic needs can feel overwhelming at times. During your divorce or child custody case, we will work with you to understand the laws concerning child support, as well as develop a strategy to establish a child support amount that is fair to you and that will meet your child’s needs. We cover a few basics here concerning child support cases in Colorado.

The laws on child support contain a child support equation that uses several different factors to determine the child support amount. The main factors include: the number of children, your gross monthly income, the other parent’s gross monthly income, the number of overnights the child is with each parent, daycare expenses, and the health insurance premium paid for the child’s health insurance.

Additional factors that are considered are whether a parent pays child support for a child, or has a majority of parenting time, that is not a child of your relationship with the other parent in your case. The court can also consider extraordinary medical, extracurricular expenses or private school tuition paid for the child when it enters orders concerning child support.

Child Support Mom Pays BillsThe child support equation is fairly straightforward.  However, parents will often dispute the amounts used in the equation. Some examples of tougher cases are those where a parent is self-employed and their income is difficult to determine. We have experience handling complex child support cases, and we will work with you to ensure that the appropriate child support amount is calculated that will be fair to you and to your child.

Please also see Colorado’s statute regarding child support, C.R.S. §14-10-115.

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