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Sauer & Petterson Family Law

Sauer & Petterson Family Law’s experienced divorce and family law attorneys approach each case as an opportunity to provide exceptional representation with the ultimate goal of inspiring empowerment in each client.  Please see our testimonials page to review past clients’ experiences with our attorneys.

Each client’s situation is unique. No two cases are the same because everyone’s relationship is different.   The family structure is ever-changing and we strive to honor and support the values that are important to each client.

The reality is that anxiety, stress, sadness and feelings of loss may go hand-in-hand with a divorce, custody, child support, or other family law case.  No matter what you are experiencing, our attorneys aim to reassure our clients that a brighter, happier future is within reach.

Take the first step in securing your future: call us today to schedule a consultation with one of our Denver divorce and family law attorneys.

For more information about our attorneys, please see the attorney biographies for Joshua C. Sauer or Brandi M. Petterson

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