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Josh Sauer was my divorce attorney, representing me in the dissolution of a 30 year marriage. He was not only my attorney; he was also my counselor, helping me through a very difficult time in my life. He was a good friend when I needed it, but more importantly he was strong when I wasn’t and protective when I needed him. No one wants to have a divorce attorney, but I always knew that Josh was diligently working on my behalf and always had my best interests at heart.” – Jay P.

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“Having Brandi as my lawyer through my divorce was a God send. She listened, trusted in what I was saying, and was the perfect advocate for me to feel heard in court. We were up against a real piece of work, a lawyer who liked to play dirty and Brandi never backed down. She helped me to stand my ground and not back down from what I knew was right. Brandi pushed forward when I wanted her to, and backed off when I needed time to process what was happening.” – R. Barton.

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Our Denver divorce attorney team has a proven record of highly effective representation of our clients in divorce and child custody cases. We briefly address each topic in our website to give you a head start, and are ready to meet with you after you have reviewed the information provided to discuss the specific needs of your case. Contact our office now to schedule a FREE initial consultation with one of our Denver divorce attorneys.

Parenting Time Restrictions

Sometimes, parenting time with a parent may endanger the child physically or emotionally. In that situation, it is important to seek prompt court intervention if the situation is serious. If you are facing this dangerous situation, or the other party has filed a motion against you falsely claiming an emergency exists, then a Denver family law attorney in our  firm is ready to assist you through this stressful situation. Call us at (720) 739-1960.


After you receive a final, appealable order in your case, you may believe the court made errors in its ruling. Contact our Denver divorce attorney team today to determine whether you have a case with a meritorious appeal. However, do not let too much time pass by; court orders must be appealed within a certain time frame and, if the deadline has passed, then your ability to submit an appeal will likely be barred. Act quickly to preserve your right to appeal!

Protection Orders

Domestic violence is a serious issue in many families in Colorado. Colorado civil protection order laws are on the books in an effort to reduce domestic violence and protect victims by allowing a victim to seek a protection order in court. Our Denver divorce attorneys have years of experience handling cases with domestic violence and protectin order issues. Schedule an initial consultation today to discuss your case with one of our attorneys. 

Allocation of Marital Assets

The equitable division of marital assets and debts is a cornerstone of the Dissolution of Marriage Act, and after the issues addressing children, is one of the most important issues in domestic relations litigation. Our Denver divorce attorney team is prepared to meet with you and and listen to your needs, and discuss how we can represent your interests so that you receive your fair share of the marital estate. Schedule your consultation now.

Legal Separation

A common misperception is that a legal separation is merely a pause in the marital relationship prior to deciding whether to reconcile a marriage, or instead move forward and file for divorce. A legal separation is more substantial. In Colorado, a legal separation is nearly identical in Colorado to a divorce, and you should speak with one of our family law attorneys to learn more if you are contemplating a legal separation.


Paternity actions are governed by Title 19 of the Colorado statutes, and is a legal process used to establish the paternity of a child. Genetic testing is usually used to provide scientific evidence of paternity, although that is not the only way to establish rights under the statute. Our family law attorneys are well-versed in paternity actions and are ready to assist you concerning your paternity case. Call us now!

Grandparent Visitation

Grandparents can seek visitation pursuant to statute. To do so, there must have been a case concerning the allocation of parental responsibilities involving the grandchild, OR the grandparent’s child who is the parent of the grandchild must be deceased. This area of domestic relations law can be complicated. Contact us for an initial consultation to discuss your case and other matters interrelated with a case concerning grandparent visitation. 


The mediation process is an excellent opportunity to attempt to resolve disputes. A prepared attorney can take advantage of this opportunity obtain a good deal for their client. At Sauer & Petterson Family Law, our team of family law attorneys are dedicated to putting our best efforts to resolve conflicts in your case without undue litigation. However, if mediation is unsuccessful, we are ready to litigate your case in court.

Stepparent Adoption

The Stepparent Adoption procedure can be complicated, with many tasks that need to be fulfilled to complete the process. Our team of family law attorneys are able to represent parties seeking to complete the adoption process, as well as represent a parent whom may be the target of another parent’s improper effort to terminate his or her parental rights in order to complete a stepparent adoption. Call us now and schedule your consultation!

Child Support

The calculation of child support in Colorado, whether it is in a divorce, child custody, or other case concerning the support of a child, is governed by statute. While the child support statute creates a formula to calculate support, a party will often dispute the numbers the other party wants to use in the formula. Our office of experienced family law attorneys can assist you with representation in cases concerning child support.

Dissolution of Civil Unions


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Sauer & Petterson Family Law’s experienced attorneys advocate for better futures for individuals facing divorce, custody and other family law cases. We strive to work beside you from Day One, listening to what you have to say about your case and your unique needs. You are going through a difficult time right now, and we are dedicated to being a trusted partner in your divorce or family law case from start to finish.

Our ultimate objective is to inspire you to feel empowered about your future and achieve your goals so that you can move forward toward a better tomorrow, both for you and for your children.

We represent clients in a variety of different family matter areas.

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